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quick status report

A first quick listen to the new Go-Betweens album reveals something a bit more laid-back and easy-going than the last... [more]

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elevator music

Well, I've moved house and I'm still alive, but I'm awaiting the arrival our DSL connection at the new abode... [more]

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sick of love

Via our GBV fan, Michaelangelo Matos provides 69 years of agony anthems. My take on the list : It's tough... [more]

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two states

A reformation of The Moodists are playing at the Tote tomorrow night. I haven't yet picked up Two Fisted Art,... [more]

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I didn't make it to last week's Buzzcocks gig (seduced by slack once more !), but Vanessa did. Was Mike... [more]

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the edge of the world

Seems like everybody's moving house, eh ? Well, my latest excuse for being too slack to blog is that I'm... [more]

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he always wanted to be a registered nurse

The Pharmacy Records website's had a facelift, with band bios, mp3s and photos. Nice work !... [more]

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hey hey hey

Calexico win over doubting Splendid reviewer ? I hope the album surfaces here soon. The Cat Power album's a slow,... [more]

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the yak bar, again

Wow. The Yak Bar's still excellent the second time around (see first time). Is it the wooden-bar windows ? The... [more]

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kde 3.1 makes it into debian

KDE 3.1 has been seeping into Debian unstable since Friday afternoon (my time). How does one convert from Karolina Lindqvist's... [more]

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all aboard

Did you ever read Geoff Ryman's 253 ? I did. So did Marcello, who elaborates on it in ways I... [more]

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new record ole 427-2

No Go-Betweens release today (good to see Alex enjoying it, at least), though one shop was playing it this morning,... [more]

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