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take me out to the suburbs

?> A few more photos from my random wanderings. Glenroy certainly has some interesting shops - apart from the ones... [more]

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Kurt Wagner looked very..."country" last night. Not "country" as in cowboy, but "country" in that cap-wearing, big-glasses, blue jeans... [more]

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I'm long used to this being a mostly write-only blog, but I'm going to try and solicit some advice nonetheless.... [more]

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do you want new wave or do you want the truth?

More walking around the new surrounding suburbs. North, east and east and east to Merri Creek, then back down... [more]

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a place called bad

Kim Salmon. The last few times I mentioned him in a particular circle of friends, one of them would sneer... [more]

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a decade of wit

The Lucksmiths are having a 10th anniversary gig at the Evelyn on Wednesday April the 2nd, with support by The... [more]

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border stories

I live north of North Melbourne. I've got a lot of exploring to do. Lines and metal and wood... [more]

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careless memory

It's completely impossible for me to hear the Modern Lovers song Old World without imagining Robert Forster singing it instead... [more]

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ian eccles-smith, part two

Ian's put up the original version of The Slaughtering Eye over here - this was the one I was talking... [more]

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battle royale

...is showing at the Kino. I didn't realise that was Beat Takeshi playing the teacher. It was playing in Singapore... [more]

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the old guest-host thing

Either I wasn't really awake this morning, or 3RRR played an ad for a new All India Radio album, with... [more]

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cheap entertainment

one, two, three. four. five.... [more]

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ian eccles-smith

If you spent your Sunday evenings in the late 1980's and early 1990's listening to a show on 3PBS-FM called... [more]

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stephen cummings album launch gig

Yeah yeah. "Stephen who ?" "if it's not on Trifekta or Spunk! it can't be any good, right ?"... [more]

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teenage fanclub at the prince of wales

The lads in Teenage Fanclub (especially Norman Blake) look a bit more middle-aged than I remember, though it was about... [more]

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mike huh?

groussoutart has a few nice little links about recent Mike Watt goings-on. I'd picked up the Minutemen's Double Nickels on... [more]

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the big house

It looks like it might've once been a bank, or a post office, or some useful old building on Sydney... [more]

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keep yer southern love away from me

The Rob Roy's front bar has a door flanked by their two heroes (I guess) - Clint Eastwood and... [more]

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news from the time warp

Thought you'd been a long time waiting for the local release of Ladytron's Light and Magic (it's out now) ?... [more]

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ohio, ohio

The new Songs: Ohia album Magnolia Electric Co. gets a local release (thanks Trifekta!) next Monday, the 10th. 3RRR were... [more]

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Catching up on recent photos : Golden Rough at the Candle Records gig at the Corner on the 15th of... [more]

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DSL's been installed in my new home, though I still need to buy a desk - despite the versatility of... [more]

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