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old memories

Trundling down William St on the tram this morning, The Jesus and Mary Chain's April Skies made a surprise appearance... [more]

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words and music

My ever-sociable housemate Kieran tells me that Kim Salmon, Royalchord and some others are playing at the Brunswick Library tonight,... [more]

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eggs benedict

The secret of good Eggs Benedict is to use English Muffins. Really. None of this crusty bread stuff for me,... [more]

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bill is dead

I'm still alive. I'm trying to be good and, you know, resist the tide of consumerism, but here's a few... [more]

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a funny thing happened on the way to jb hi fi...

outer space is a lonely place.... [more]

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making the T-sign with the hands

expect posting to become even more sporadic for a while. i'm sorry.... [more]

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