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small block

On a hot tip that they served corn fritters, I made my way over to a place called Small Block... [more]

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The Flamin' Locos bring coloured-haired rockabilly to The Cornish Arms tomorrow (Wednesday) night, which could be fun. ...but maybe... [more]

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we are glass

Not getting enough Phillip Glass-scored imagery in your diet ? Get thee to the Astor next Tuesday night, June 3rd*... [more]

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oracle 9i ( on debian (unstable)

Trying to make Oracle 9i work under Debian (specifically Debian unstable) ? Me too. I got it to install ok... [more]

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hotwire and hightail

I can't stop listening to Smog's new album, Supper. The lazy, easy feel of Truth Serum and Our Anniversary (helped... [more]

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they're coming!

Holy crucial moment, Batman ! Pitchfork sez that the Mountain Goats are coming to Australia. I better start lending Tallahassee... [more]

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a new kind of blue

I just wanted a new pair of jeans, but I looked at too many pairs. Too many shades of blue,... [more]

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every time i hit your crystal city, you know you're gonna make a wreck out of me

So on the spur of the moment I bought a ticket to Brisbane, with the intention of popping up... [more]

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I'm alive, just out of town (more on this later). Surprise CD purchase was finding a second-hand copy of the... [more]

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friendly northern neighbours

So, where do you take an out-of-town friend who's visiting for a few days and wants to eat some nice... [more]

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