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monitoring your openldap server with cricket

Cricket's fairly addictive - once you get the hang of adding new stuff, you find yourself wanting to Graph The... [more]

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the music plays all night in shangri-la

One doesn't expect to hear the Blackeyed Susans while waiting in the local sandwich shop for one's lunch. But there... [more]

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The JVG Radio Method on 3RRR will be interviewing Stephen Cummings this Sunday afternoon somewhere between 2 and 4pm, talking... [more]

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susan, it was really nothing

Nobody has a voice quite like Rob Snarski. I heard a new song being played on 3RRR last night, which... [more]

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everything's gone green

I've never eaten so many pistachios in my life - In the last week or so I've acquired a ThingTM... [more]

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friend or foaf?

So one friend pulls me into Friendster a few weeks ago, and now another sorta reminds me that I was... [more]

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ssh-agent and macos x

A lot of stuff I'd seen around the place mentioned something called "SSH Agent Services" which broke on MacOS X... [more]

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return of the grievous angel(s)

While hoeing into my char kway teow at Raffles Place on Johnston St last night, I noticed the Tote advertising... [more]

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it's a curse

Just quickly, acb and I have had a photo each used in an article at Cosmik Debris about Curse ov... [more]

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the old days

I just noticed this on the vim site: Finally you can join your favorite drink with your favorite editor: It's... [more]

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I'd never been a laptop owner. Nor had I been a Mac owner. Now I'm both. Long live the revolution,... [more]

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