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the mountain goats at the tote

John Darnielle (ie. The Mountain Goats) was in fine form last night, providing a show full of wit (both... [more]

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forgetting oneself

I found mention of a new Church album at Shock. Excellent. I've just been enjoying the resurrected randomness of old... [more]

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round and round

Poking through my logs for the first time in months, I noticed a link from the Essendon Historical Society (which... [more]

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hey little sister - rowland s. howard at the town hall hotel, 2003-07-27

I caught Rowland S. Howard at the Town Hall Hotel in North Melbourne tonight (and god I needed it).... [more]

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it's so hard to disconnect

I decided to allow myself eggs benedict for brunch (hopefully my stomach wouldn't protest too much) so I went to... [more]

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priceless but still sold

All these new things to listen to - Steve Kilbey, The Blackeyed Susans, Pete Yorn, Pine Valley Cosmonauts, Git, The... [more]

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via realkosh (sorry I didn't make it to yer gig at the Cornish Arms last night - wasn't quite up... [more]

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rumble in the tummy

(i've been sick.) Matador have released two mp3s (one at their site, one at the band's website) from Guided by... [more]

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your new favourite band

The Church have long-been my favourite Australian band. Others like Stephen Cummings, Ed Kuepper and the Blackeyed Susans hover somewhere... [more]

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and i still love the old world

Friendly northern-hemisphered neighbour Gregory's started a typewriter project this month. Personal highlight is "About Being A Writer" in part 2,... [more]

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all this patching is making me itch

Another day, another Rough Trade compilation. I didn't get the last one yet. Maybe I should just go and buy... [more]

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leave me to die in the safety of my own home

Some days you glance (by accident, mind you) at the sport section of the paper while you wait for your... [more]

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the american analog set - promise of love

It's a special kind of Sunday afternoon - 5 hours of sleep and now I'm tapping my feet waiting for... [more]

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loki bar, north melbourne

The first time I came into this place I heard some music that was stylistically familiar, but I just couldn't... [more]

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first edition!

via acb, somebody's webbified the first edition Melway, the beloved and preferred map of the citizens of Melbourne Town. Note... [more]

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third time lucky

Hey, the Yak Bar in Flinders Lane was still good the third time I went there. Excellent.... [more]

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the go-betweens, 2003-06-26 at the corner hotel

Robert Forster's looking rather stately as the years go by, with his silver mane and all. Grant McLennan's looking... [more]

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Last Thursday's Go-Betweens photos will be up soon, honest - I just haven't had a free evening to sort through... [more]

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