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the american analog set - promise of love

It's a special kind of Sunday afternoon - 5 hours of sleep and now I'm tapping my feet waiting for a friend to meet me at the station. But I pop into Missing Link and the new American Analog Set album makes Everything OkTM.

Just as with Know By Heart, they've created an album you want to curl up with and lie around all afternoon to. Hard to Find for instance, is a classic example of their warm, enveloping vibes, which gets followed up by the similarly wonderful Come Home Baby Julie, Come Home. When will it end? I may not have bought the Radiohead album yet, but I've got this. If you already know how alluring and comfortable the American Analog Set are, this album is more of the same - just like this year's Yo La Tengo release, "more of the same" is a good thing. If you haven't heard the AmAnSet yet, they're an epiphany waiting to happen. Really. It's going to be a tough choice between this and Smog's Supper (which I find occupying many of my brain's spare cycles, for some reason) for my album of the year, I reckon.

You can listen to Promise of Love at TigerStyle Records (there's an mp3 of Hard to Find that you can download off the band's page, plus there's some streaming audio thingy at the bottom of the front page).

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