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gone, just like that

Splendid Cafe in Sydney Road's closed down. Just like that. I had lunch there last Saturday and didn't suspect a... [more]

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How to remove those stickers along the top of a CD? I unhook the front part of the case at... [more]

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sugar coatings

It's harder than I thought trying to find a new coat in this town. My beloved black jacket, after 7... [more]

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cafe sweethearts

I'd heard rumours of Café Sweethearts' 14 different egg-related dishes on the menu, so I decided to make the most... [more]

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everything old is new again

acb will probably be horrified to know that I spotted a FreshJive t-shirt in Chapel St today that sports the... [more]

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nearly there

August photos are up. There's still a few more to go, though.... [more]

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backlog, part 3

?> June photos are up (and the mere two that I took in July). Enjoy.... [more]

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backlog, part 2

May photos are up. Enjoy.... [more]

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backlog, part 1

April photos are up. Enjoy.... [more]

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the end of a minor drought

I received an e-mail from another expat this morning, telling me how much he enjoyed my melbourne photos. This made... [more]

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useless inventions (or not) - guided by voices' earthquake glue

Guided by Voices album reviews tend to be a bit like David Bowie ones, preaching about how "they/he's finally back... [more]

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platform three

It's Sunday, it's washing day, it's get-that-proposal-finished day, it's procrastination day, and it's also Radiothon week, so I've been hearing... [more]

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What's nice about SSHKeychain? You can tell it to drop your keys when your laptop goes to sleep or the... [more]

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shang hai ling, east brunswick

My friend tells me the name means "shanghai neighbour" (and, well, it's only a 20 minute walk from home for... [more]

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mastering one's domain

Well, it's beginning to take some kind of form or other. Lonely Radio, that is. I still have to sort... [more]

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for those who came in late...

...3RRR will be doing a delayed broadcast of one of the Interpol shows (last night or tonight, I dunno which... [more]

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(c) 1982 sinclair research ltd.

As a Sinclair ZX Spectrum user from the early 80's, I'm somewhat amused that, of all things to make a... [more]

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news, of sorts

Josh Rouse apparently has a new album on the way, called 1972. Mark Eitzel's been busy, having just released an... [more]

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pharmacy records at the rob roy, 2003-08-01

I was a bit too disorganized to make it to Yo La Tengo (who were apparently very good) or... [more]

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