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well, if you'd bought the goodies dvd...

Ecky-thump, indeed. Personally, I think I'll stick with Yorkshire Puddings.... [more]

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future pasts

mjs was baffled by Nokia's kaleidoscope, but I reckon their medallion is much more amusingly strange.... [more]

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spin those bits

Nifty tandom song picker LongPlayer's been ported to iTunes and MacOS X (it's written in Qt, so I guess they... [more]

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going where the weather suits my clothes

I was feeling not unlike those trees the day we walked around Williamstown, but at least it was a... [more]

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it's just a little song

I've finally bought a small pile of new CDs somewhere in the middle of my current work madness, but somehow... [more]

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one more in the cabin

It's good to know I'm not the only non-driver who's nevertheless still a Melway lover. On my days off lately... [more]

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i think I'll not go back to camooweal

Ye Gods. And I was just listening to Cunnamulla Feller last night, too. I reckon John Williamson said it right:... [more]

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no f in halstead

There's a new Mojave 3 album due Real Soon Now called Spoon and Rafter (not that you'd know from the... [more]

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on a happier note...

...happy birthday Steve and Stephen. I've been caught up in a whirlwind of VPNs and tape libraries all week. You... [more]

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i don't like it but i guess things happen that way

Thanks, man. You made a difference.... [more]

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more giggage

Sime Nugent and the Forefathers are doing a Sunday afternoon (3:30pm) residence at the Rob Roy - I caught Wagons... [more]

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"he laughed and said he couldn't help falling in luck"

Well, my quest to collect the back-catalogue of The Jackson Code is finally over now with yesterday's second-hand purchas... [more]

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piper at the gates of brunswick

Marty Willson-Piper of The Church will apparently be doing a show at The Cornish Arms early in October, with support... [more]

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grand salvo returns

I noticed the Evelyn advertising a gig with Registered Nurse, Grand Salvo and I Want a Hovercraft on the 13th... [more]

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