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I dunno why I hadn't thought of this earlier, given that it does a fine job on my now occasionally-powered-up... [more]

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don't forget

The Church will be doing one at The Corner Hotel on December 19th in support of their new album Forget... [more]

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saint nick brings us an early christmas

Wow. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are doing a Myer Music Bowl gig on December the 7th, with support... [more]

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you can be wood, i can be smoke

The Blackeyed Susans did an early evening gig at the, uh, Famous SpiegeltentTM. Nice place, though it was too... [more]

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needle in the hay

Just when you're thinking that maybe enough musicians have died in the last month or two, Elliott Smith has apparently... [more]

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a bit of help from the dice man

Some of you know my penchant for randomly generated things. Check this out - randomly generated CD covers! Hours of... [more]

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a few more gigs

The Gamma Rays (instrumental guitar fun, I gather) are playing at the Tote on Saturday afternoon between 5 and... [more]

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stronger than ever, ever before?

Admittedly, if you own more than three KMFDM albums, you've technically heard these songs before (with a few notes transposed,... [more]

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green lines and varnish

For last night's curious blog meetup punters (you know who you are), the map on our table at Troika was... [more]

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investigating the trivial

Essendon Airport isn't so far from Ascot Vale. 2 hours' walk, more or less. But rather than heading north at... [more]

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old romantics

So, it's not enough for you that Duran Duran are touring here in support of Robbie Williams (much like... [more]

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8-bit glory

Wow. Retrospec reimplement old Spectrum (and such) games for current operating systems - it's amusing to note that their rewrite... [more]

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from the horse's mouth

I caught a bit of two guys from Wagons on 3RRR's JVG Radio Method this arvo, where Henry Wagons mentioned... [more]

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more things to do

Silver Ray are gigging again, they're coming to the Cornish Arms on October 31st. Git are doing one at... [more]

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don't take your guitars to town

I ended up at the Johnny Cash tribute at the Rob Roy, last night, which was raising money for the... [more]

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r.i.p. au go go

Au revoir, Au Go Go. I bought a lot of CDs (and, once upon a time, a lot of t-shirts)... [more]

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things to do

I've been a little starved of gig action lately, so here's a few things I'm thinking about seeing: Sime Nugent... [more]

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dry dock

What luxury. I'm stuck at 1024x768 on this thing (a cruel, cruel fate if you knew what I get up... [more]

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