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don't take your guitars to town

I ended up at the Johnny Cash tribute at the Rob Roy, last night, which was raising money for the Fair Go 4 Live Music thing. Unfortunately it seemed a bit disorganized - Johnny Cash did a lot of songs, but too many people did songs like Folsom Prison Blues (3 bands in a row), or I Still Miss Someone - it was a shame people couldn't have been a bit more inventive. Chuck Jenkins did a great job, as usual, and Gareth and Raz (from a band called V8 Interceptor, I think she said) weren't bad - the cello and their enthusiasm made up for the words they didn't know. I didn't stay until the end (so I missed seeing Henry Wagons, unfortunately). I still hope somebody does a Slim Dusty tribute, but I hope people'll put a bit more effort into it.

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