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steve kilbey on 3rrr tonight

3RRR's Australian Mood is doing a 3-hour show tonight (starting at 7pm, not 8pm), which'll include an interview with Steve... [more]

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getting yer goat

Via Largehearted Boy, John Vanderslice has some nice photos of the recording of the new Mountain Goats album We Shall... [more]

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Early one mornin' while makin' the rounds I took a shot of cocaine and I shot my woman down I... [more]

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point and jab

jabber.org.au have opened their public Jabber service. Another blow for (geek) freedom, though they're not yet running any transports to... [more]

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I'm alive, just too busy with work at the moment. But I've been taking plenty of photos this month during... [more]

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krazy koz

Splendid interviews Mark Kozelek and reviews his latest project album Sun Kil Moon. He's fallen out of my consciousness this... [more]

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priscilla's nightmare

I was listening to Stephen Cummings' rockabilly album Firecracker this morning, thinking about how my sister had described it... [more]

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secret chords and such

Royalchord are doing a launch gig for their new EP Hug the Shadows at the First Floor (393 Brunswick St,... [more]

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It'd been on my "to buy" list for over a year, and so the day after I heard he'd died... [more]

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yes, but will it work with an ipod?

Found at MacUpdate: iFicionado is like iTunes, but for cigars!... [more]

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