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Why am I working? I could be making bagels!... [more]

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hail bob

Well, he was 45 minutes late, but Bob Log III officially went off at Missing Link's new digs this evening.... [more]

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straight outta brunswick

3RRR FM have found a new home, in Brunswick even. Yay! I'd only just visited the 3PBS FM building for... [more]

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not half-dead yet

Just to prove I'm still alive, I've recently managed to: Catch Neko Case at that 3RRR gig at the Laundry... [more]

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literary highs

Wow. Naked Lunch finally sees a DVD release - a Criterion Collection one, even.... [more]

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mint sauce

via close your eyes, Lambchop have a double-album (or two related albums, or something) on the way, reviewed here. Also,... [more]

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look for her (she'll be around)

Neko Case, in town for Sunday's Nick Cave gig, is doing a side-show at the Laundry, to be broadcast (i... [more]

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yo la tengo - today is the day

Wow. Take the mournful brain of a slow/sadcore track and rehome it in a Rock Body. Yo La Tengo... [more]

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