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waitin' for a superband

There was a circus going on last night, with occasional music. Or something like that. The Flaming Lips were here... [more]

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new debian packages rss feed back online

My New Debian Packages RSS Feed works again (I found the new(?) location of the page I scrape to create... [more]

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you can always find a drink in shangri-la

They've been pretty quiet of late, and now The Blackeyed Susans are doing their "last show with Dan for a... [more]

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i'd rather take my chances out in burma shave

On the way into work this morning I found the aforementioned new Scientists re-release, Pissed on Another Planet, in Greville... [more]

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"one day i woke up in miami"

Thought you'd heard the last of the Scientists re-releases? think again! Citadel have release Pissed on Another Planet, documenting the... [more]

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happy australia day, or something

[ see the rest of this month | collect the set. ]... [more]

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riding with the ghost

So here's the plan. I'm going to start from Singapore, instead, and head north. I'll probably buy a smaller camera... [more]

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smash your head on some old punk rock

Look! A new (well, old) Mekons release. And you thought Jon Langford and co. were busy doing all those volumes... [more]

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would you laika chat with richard lowenstein?

(Attention acb, among others.) Popcorn Taxi are having a showing of Dogs in Space at ACMI at 6:30pm on Saturday... [more]

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pshychic dancehall

Buffalo Daughter have a new album out (Feb 2nd in the UK, and who knows when over here?), called Pshychic.... [more]

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panda! pander! panzer!

(via the wondrous typographica) Tired of quick brown foxes and sphinxes of quartz? Mark Simonson has a nifty Pangram Generator,... [more]

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mystery train

Hey, I think I've got it. Why don't I lazily wander down from Bangkok (or even Chiang Mai) to Singapore... [more]

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you're the apple of my eyelash

I decided around the end of last year that I'm taking February off (yeah. all of it), so it's probably... [more]

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a hundred bucks a port

If you're forced to retrocompute by way of serial port, like I am, these things Just Work. Wow. It's a... [more]

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forever since breakfast

If I had to pick a few breakfast spots I've been enjoying lately, well, here goes : A breakfast pide... [more]

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pretzels for pacman?

I've still been taking photos, mostly just Melbourne ones, though I haven't been mentioning it here. Here's a few from... [more]

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New Year, new phone. I've been running an 18 month cycle on my phones, and it's a bit of a... [more]

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Guided By Voices' Human Amusements at Hourly Rates is the kind of compilation every house should have. It's got everything... [more]

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bring the noise

whitenoise is a small utility which turns your computer into an ambient random noise generator. You may find this useful... [more]

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