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iain sinclair - lights out for the territory

I haven't finished it yet - it's so hard sitting on a deckchair at the beach paying $3 for a... [more]

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bubble and scrape

I'm in Hua Hin, Thailand. There's no cloud, just a haze of smoke from somewhere or other. I can't read... [more]

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pulau pinang

I'm about halfway through my time on Penang Island, after catching the night train from KL and getting the RM... [more]

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one down, two to go

I've made it to Kuala Lumpur by train, and thanks to a local friend calling in a favour, or something,... [more]

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twenty-nine days

As promised, I'm off to just other side of the Equator. I'll post if I can, and I'll be back... [more]

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