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you can be wood, i can be smoke


The Blackeyed Susans did an early evening gig at the, uh, Famous SpiegeltentTM. Nice place, though it was too packed to wander around, get a booth, or feel like queueing for a drink (next time, though). I didn't realise they were this popular - the gig was sold out - and so it was a shame that Rob's normally standout vocals weren't mixed loud enough. Still, we were treated to a range of songs all the way back to the Welcome Stranger album. Personally I was hoping for a rendition of Apartment Number 9, which meant so much to me the year that I was living in a flat number 9 and found myself unintentionally single. But y'know, I'm over that now. They did give us Let's Live, though - it's the song that made me sit up and notice them on 3RRR all those years ago, and I don't think I've ever seen them do it live. Small mercies.

I didn't get around to taking any photos inside, but David might've had one or two shots.

* 22:29 * music