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How to remove those stickers along the top of a CD? I unhook the front part of the case at the bottom left and lift it up over the top, which makes it pretty easy to remove the sticker in one piece - handy if you want to stick it on your monitor somewhere, to demonstrate one's excellent musical taste, not that anybody actually looks - my home monitor's got Lambchop, Jonathan Richman, Lesser, the Mekons and Christian Marclay + Otomo Yoshihide, which seems to give a reasonable cross-section of the kinds of CDs I buy.

Speaking of which, I just picked up :

  • Mark Eitzel's The Ugly American, which has him singing some of his old songs to Greek music. I had a quick listen to a few songs, and it sounds (mostly) wonderful, so far.

  • Josh Rouse's 1972, which came with some bonus DVD thing I'll look at later. It's playing behind me now, and it's gorgeous.

  • Chris Whitley's Dirt Floor - after catching him at the Prince of Wales on Tuesday night with Bruce (well, David really), I figured I should go look for something second-hand to get a better feel for what he's about (yes, I should've done this before the gig, but better late than never). I'll put a few photos up soon, I didn't take many.

Also, tonight, Rowland S. Howard is playing with band at the Town Hall Hotel in North Melbourne, so I'll be popping down to see what it's like - I've only seen him solo so far, so I'm really looking forward to this.

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