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your new favourite band

The Church have long-been my favourite Australian band. Others like Stephen Cummings, Ed Kuepper and the Blackeyed Susans hover somewhere not too far behind. I've found myself listening to Golden Rough so much lately that I can no longer um and ah about their status in my scrapheap of bands (I've got a review of their first EP It's a heck of a machine in the works, too). Another possibility would be Wagons, but with only one album(?) so far it might be a premature consideration.

Before last night's celebration I picked up a new Willard Grant Conspiracy CD (why did they re-record Twistification when the in the fishtank cut was so perfect?), and Git's Flowers (haven't listened to it yet, but there's a launch...somewhere...soon...with Wagons and Chris Wilson and somebody else supporting).

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