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forgetting oneself

I found mention of a new Church album at Shock. Excellent. I've just been enjoying the resurrected randomness of old Steve Kilbey stuff that's called Freaky Conclusions. He's certainly looking older and older in the pictures. Forget Yourself is due on September 15, apparently - bit of a shame it's not on September 13, eh? (it's Steve Kilbey's and Stephen Cummings' shared birthday, hence the song). There's a single called Song in Space, and the band just did a gig at the Sydney Opera house on the 27th of July (of course, I find out a day late...). Here's hoping it'll keep up the momentum they regained with After Everything Now This.

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You missed a fantastic concert...The Church at the Sydney Opera House. They just keep getting better! Songs from the new album Forget Yourself are amazing.



well, even if i /had/ found out on time i'd be paying to fly up from melbourne and back just to see that concert. ouch.


i did fly up from melbourne and back just to see those concerts (4 in total) did the same this week for marty's solo show. i think marty is playing here in melbourne around the 5th of september.

the new album is amazing. full of vitality, very electric