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hotwire and hightail

I can't stop listening to Smog's new album, Supper. The lazy, easy feel of Truth Serum and Our Anniversary (helped a lot by Jim White's drumming) is like nothing else I've heard, without sacrificing too much of his edgy angles on sticky relationships :

do you miss me when I go ?

oh, honey, I love you
and that's all you need to know.

Other popular spinnage :

  • Pulp - We Love Life : a real sleeper, this one, but it's getting better and better with each listen.

  • The Minutemen - Double Nickels on the Dime : Our Band Could Be Your Life, indeed. Where did this all come from ? It's amazing.

  • X (the one from the US - I've yet to hear the Australian band that's also called X) - Los Angeles : this is rock punk, rather than punk rock - old style riffage mixed with grubby lyrics. Just the thing to have on the headphones when you're on the tram home after a blog meetup.

Oh yes, here's the website for my dead sexy new backpack (it's black and red, but not quite as red as the one on the website). It's not a control freak's backpack (thank you, Miss Y), it's merely that of a Highly Organized Person. And I'll point out that I've so far only used about 20% of the pockets and other internal gadgetry, so perhaps I'm not that organized after all.

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