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stephen cummings album launch gig

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Yeah yeah. "Stephen who ?" "if it's not on Trifekta or Spunk! it can't be any good, right ?" You'll understand when you're older, honey. An all-star collection of Melbourne musical talent - Stephen Cummings, Shane O'Mara, Rebecca Barnard, Bill McDonald, Peter Jones, Peter Luscombe, Mark Ferrie and the totally excellent Ross Hannaford. It takes 2 guitarists, 2 bassists and 2 drummers to bring the energy of the new album to the stage, in Stephen's return to rock(abilly). Remember all those old photos of The Sports where he looks like he's going to devour the microphone ? It was like that. The gig went off in ways you wouldn't expect from a guy who's spent recent years making more low-key music. But you lot just wouldn't understand, I suppose. Go on. Prove me wrong ! Please !

Oh, and Ash Naylor (of near-forgotten band Even) did a nice little support set, featuring a few old familiar songs and a few new ones from an upcoming solo album he's about to start work on. More power to him.

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