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sick of love

Via our GBV fan, Michaelangelo Matos provides 69 years of agony anthems. My take on the list :

  • It's tough picking the "right" track from Matthew Sweet's Girlfriend - there's also the quietly yearning Winona, the "I can't sound angry enough but I'm trying" I Thought I Knew You, and hey, the whole damn album.

  • No Lovesick Blues ? It's only one of the greatest songs ever written, although it's too old for the list.

  • re: Walking the floor over you (1941) : You've really gotta hear Dianna Kiss' album Jah Country, which has Ross Hannaford and company doing some great reggae-infused covers of country classics like this song.

  • Yo La Tengo's Autumn Sweater : Yes !

  • My 2002 choice would have to be something off the Mountain Goats album (Tallahassee). Much like the Matthew Sweet album it could be anything, but I'll go for International small arms traffic blues.

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