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giving the boy a complex

It's been a quiet new year for CD purchasing - I'm really trying to be good for a while (which usually means that I settle for putting on that Mountain Goats CD one more time), though I allowed myself two purchases today : First was The Dearhunters' Red Wine and Blue because I'm sorta getting into this whole Tim Oxley thing. It's very nice so far (as in, the first few tracks). Second was all-girl country act Git's Rising Sun Sessions, because I liked their bit on the last year's local Gene Clark tribute album, too. I missed their "give so Git may go" fundraiser on Sunday arvo to help them tour Texas, but hopefully it won't be long before they're gigging around town again.

I also picked up a copy of Careless Talk Costs Lives for something to do. There's a big interview with Nick Cave where he mentions that

everyone in Australia is led to believe that the rest of the world is a much better place ... it is ingrained in the national psyche that we are inferior.

and I thought it was just me ?

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