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more old stuff

So, haven't had enough of all that old Australian music with the likes of 2002's Do the Pop! and Born out of time and Can't stop it ! compilations ? The new Moodists compilation should be floating around now (I haven't seen one yet), thanks to WMinc. There's also something called Tales from the Australian Underground 1976-1989 due out on Feb 10th (ha ! my 30th birthday's gonna rock !), with a lot of interesting-sounding stuff on it :

It highlights selections from the previous careers of acts like Hoodoo Gurus (The Victims), Gangajang (The Riptides), The Monarchs (Fun Things), The Cruel Sea (Sekret Sekret), Dave Graney (The Moodists), Big Heavy Stuff (Ups & Downs), You Am I (The Bamboos), Tex Perkins, (Thug), Dirty Three (Venom P. Stinger) as well as classic early releases from Radio Birdman, The Saints, The Scientists, Triffids, Died Pretty, The Mark Of Cain and the Hard-Ons.

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