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kevin blechdom, the sailors, curse ov dialect at revolver, 2002-09-28

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acb and I caught some bands at Revolver on Saturday night.

First up were curse ov dialect, dressed very...er...all-worldly and rapping/ranting over various non-western-world music whilst pacing around the stage (which reminds me something I heard on the Severed Heads mailing list years ago, from somebody who went to a FrontLine Assembly gig where Bill Leeb spent the whole time walking back and forth on the stage, shaking his fist - you know, the whole industrial angst thing...). The lead singer was particularly energetic, occasionally running into the crowd and rubbing an ashtray over his head, or stealing a few lemon slices from the bar and throwing them at the crowd, at least when he wasn't thinking about taking his clothes off. "it's the music", no doubt. Very interesting. Thumbs up.

Next up were The Sailors, a trio of guys doing the usual energetic guitar/drum thing, only with crude, crude lyrics (crowd favourites like "YCMA" are the kind of thing destined to be popular up the back of the school bus). I didn't know whether to laugh or cringe, but...well...they were actually pretty good. One of them had the whole 80's pencil-tie/white shirt/white runners thing going. I'm not yet sure if I can bring myself to buy their album (called, er, turning the other cheek).

Finally was Kevin Blechdom, with her cutesy laptop backbeats mixed with a banjo or shoulder-slung keyboard adding a bit more kitsch (as if there wasn't enough already). acb said "it's like some kind of electronic Variety Hour." She's funny, in a taking-the-piss sense, as if she saw a few talent quest shows too many during her childhood - as she sang, at one point, "bad music is everywhere - I don't think you understand." The closing highlight was her cover of Private Dancer - unlike local lads The Blackeyed Susans, who also did a cover of it in recent times, Kevin does the song all the way down to the chair-dancing (though she did fall off at one point - one might've almost thought it was part of the act).

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