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other recent listening - primal scream, lambchop, the notwist, liars

It'd been a whole week and I still hadn't listened to it, but I finally put Primal Scream's Evil Heat on while I installed my new CD writer (look, I went to the swap meet for the first time in months, and I had to buy something, ok ?) and did a bit of cleaning up and such.

Well. It's a bit of an angry-sounding album (I guess Bobby didn't get it all out of his system on the last one), isn't it ? Autobahn 66 is quite nice, at least. I'll have to give the rest of it some more time, and I've already got sick city on that David Holmes album, you cheapskates - I thought about saying "that's the other song on I like on the album," but it's probably just that I already heard and kinda liked it. I wouldn't say it's a fantastic album. Maybe I'm not appreciating some of the finer points of it, but I don't feel like I care.

I'd also picked up two older Lambchop releases, Hank and How I Quit Smoking, both of which currently seem to be a bit of an amorphous, twangy blob at the moment, but I suspect they'll start to make sense in good time.

I'm really enjoying The Notwist's Neon Golden - it's about as good as people said it was, and it sounds like the future by making simple and effective use of the past, the way it mixes up little bits and pieces of things from here and there, like pick up the phone's flute sounds, scratchy beats and a little bit of guitar.

I also picked up that Liars album that's got everything necessary for success in today's world : a long, silly name (they threw us in a trench and stuck a monument on top), an odd cartoony cover, and a booklet that makes little to no sense at all. The comparisons with Gang of Four make sense. I dunno about that half-hour long thing at the end, though.

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