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exciting new discoveries

It must be the day for it. Just after a quiet few beers with a co-worker before he wanders off to an all-day-all-night Las Vegas sunset plus conference in Texas, I walked past Greville Records. "'ullo, what're these old Church CDs doing in the window ?" And hey, they've been remastered and re-released with a second CD of extra tracks and videos. Looking at the track listing mentioned on the website, it's not quite "extra tracks" - the CD release of Heyday already had two of the three tracks mentioned, with the third appearing on the excellent compilation Hindsight, which also has most/all of the extras on the other ones. Still, the videos would be nice. I've got a video tape of Rage from almost 10 years ago when they had a Church special, but it's probably in mono (we didn't have one of those new-fangled hi-fi VCRs back then), and it's been so long since I looked at it, who knows, a plague of locusts might've carried it off, or eaten it, or whatever. Besides, it says The Blurred Crusade "plus the 12-minute short film The Blurred Crusade", which I know absolutely nothing about. Shows how much of a fan I thought I was.

Secondly, I'd got home and showered, and as I put 3RRR on while I got dressed, the announcer mentioned that Supersnazz are here, playing at the Tote tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday. Obviously, Mach Pelican's doing support (on Friday anyway). I'd noticed their new compilation album floating about on the weekend, but didn't manage to Connect The DotsTM, I suppose. Oh, the website mentions another gig here on the 17th at the Cherry Bar, too.

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