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new toys

Just got me a Nokia 6510. I've been upgrading my phone every 18 months - my 6110 barely lasted that long, but the 6210 I've just retired seemed to have held up just fine. The auto-keyguard is nice, though admittedly I had an Ericsson phone from Monash that did this years ago - nice to see Nokia catch up on another one of the "little things". I can't really see myself using the (mono) FM radio but, like, whatever. As nice as the 3rd-quarter 2002 phones look (eg. the 6610 and 7210), I'm wary of all the 1st-generation stuff in them (colour screens and Java), which will be both expensive and quite probably in need of a bit of refinement, so I'll hang back with something a little safer and see how it goes.

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