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dem bones

A co-worker (6 floors away, and working at the other end of the company, but a co-worker nonetheless) has moved slightly up in the world by getting her show on every week (as opposed to fortnightly) during the Thursday morning graveyard shift (2am-6am) on 3PBS-FM. I haven't yet caught it, but her manifesto (australian power-pop) sounds like a good one, at least.

I haven't listened to PBS in years, but it's responsible for getting me into that whole 70's Krautronic (eg. Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Robert Schroeder and Manuel Gottsching - I never knew E2-E4 was such an influential release until just recently, though) thing around the end of the 80's. And I always used to tune into David Thrussell's show, Rude Mechanical while I travelled from work to uni back in 1994...

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