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strangers on a train

speaking of maps, here's a fairly nifty one.... [more]

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dem bones

A co-worker (6 floors away, and working at the other end of the company, but a co-worker nonetheless) has moved... [more]

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mr johnson

Resident shiny new guitar owning vinyl idolizer Vanessa took some photos the other night. Unfortunately I've no idea of the... [more]

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alpha surfari

I went a little overboard - everything was fine until sunday afternoon when I found myself in Greville Records because... [more]

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rumour mills

it's not entirely true, honest. I get coffee there every morning, but I only manage to pop in for lunch... [more]

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into the land of ghosts and promises

I hadn't ever really heard anything particularly good about Damon and Naomi (from friends, people in CD shops, etc), until... [more]

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