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alpha surfari

I went a little overboard - everything was fine until sunday afternoon when I found myself in Greville Records because my two friends were both after a few things - I was just tagging along, honest.

  • the Beyond Nashville compilation, that I'd bought for my parents last year, and decided it was worth owning my own copy of. One CD of "old" stuff, one CD of "new" stuff. Good if you like one, but haven't heard enough of the other, etc.

  • John Phillips - Pay Pack and Follow : Chi had put a track off here on my birthday mix-CD, and after seeing it full-price somewhere and being tempted, I consequently found it second-hand in the slightly-renovated Second Spin in Balaclava.

  • Man or Astro-man? - Project Infinity and A Spectrum of Infinite Scale, both going cheap in Greville St. One has, among other things, a track entitled Phillip K. Dick in the pet section of a Wal Mart, the other has the dot-matrix-printer track, a simple text file.

  • the Willard Grant Conspiracy - Flying Low - their first (or close to it ?) album, I think. Going very cheap. Not as polished as later work, but that's to be expected.

  • Ripe - Tough Guys Don't Dance - a 4-track EP I'd been meaning to buy for 10 years now, and you can't say no for $3.

  • the American Analog Set - Through the 90s: singles and unreleased : I still haven't found Know By Heart anywhere, but for $12, I figured I could experiment with this while I wait.

  • Lambchop - Thriller and What another man spills : both going a little cheaper than usual in Borders, it seemed a good time to go back-cataloguing.

  • Sparklehorse - Distorted Ghost EP : likewise.

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