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ed kuepper in the land of pasties

The Cornish Arms in Sydney Road, Brunswick, also has a website, with a gig guide. Look ! Ed Kuepper's coming again, on July the 18th and 19th. This time, I've remembered to tell an old friend about it in advance, so hopefully I won't get in trouble.

I can't think why I didn't go looking for a website for them earlier, but in any case, there it is, all from hearing an ad for it on 3RRR during the ride home. Also, they mentioned that the Texicali Rose gig this Sunday (the 30th) is the last one before they head overseas for a while. As the name suggests, they do "old-style" Tex-Mex music, and have an album floating around that's very enjoyable even though I don't know Spanish (although I hear it's the loving tongue).

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