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current listening - pet shop boys' tonight is forever

Pet Shop Boys - tonight is forever : from their very first album please, which my sister bought back in the day. I haven't heard this song in a very long time, but it came up randomly at work just then, and I'd forgotten how much I liked the really lonely/desperate feel of the lyrics, set against a city backdrop of soft, warming synth horns (at least, I'm assuming they're not real horns) that leave you with no doubt that this is a song meant to be listened to after the sun's gone down.

I can remember being at school camp, in 1986 I think, and we were left in small groups with a map, compass and the usual accompaniments to make our way around the bushy wilderness somewhere north of Bairnsdale. I distinctly remember awkwardly making my way down a hill and onto a dry creekbed, and all the while I'd been repeatedly playing this song (and others from the album) in my head.

In hindsight, the song's aged very well. Angry Robot just linked somebody's interpretations of Pet Shop Boys songs site today, which was excellent timing - you can go and see what Wayne reckons the song's about.

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