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a few things I'm thinking of catching in the coming weeks :

according to the Rowland S. Howard mailing list, Rowland's playing the Cornish Arms in Brunswick on the 24th of May, supporting Luxedo, who Genevive McGuckin (long-time RSH collaborator) is now playing with, apparently.

At The Corner Hotel:

  • The David Chesworth Ensemble play this Wednesday, the 8th of May.

  • On Thursday the 16th of May, there's the album launch gig for Women At The Well, an all-Australian-female tribute to Paul Kelly.

  • Lisa Miller releases a covers album, on May the 24th.

  • Hard men The Mark of Cain (remember them ? remember point man ?) play June 9th.

The Church are playing at the Athenaeum tomorrow night, and I still haven't bought a ticket, being in two minds about whether I could do with a Sunday night at home for the first time in 4 weeks.

I wish I'd caught this last night, especially if Ashtray Boy were playing, but I was busy re-expanding my cultural awareness (or something) by watching an Indonesian film with Steph. Times like this I wish I'd learnt more of the language off my Indonesian girlfriend 10 years ago...

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