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city shopping - yuka honda, et al

I was on my way through the city the other night, to go and see Gosford Park with a couple of friends, so there was a bit of pent-up shopping to do :

Missing Link might be full of punk kiddies, but they've also got a heap of other stuff, including much of John Zorn's Tzadik label releases, so I knew that if I could manage to drag myself into the CBD I might be able to find that new Yuka Honda release...

  • Yuka Honda - memories are my only witness : bits and beats. Some of these sound like journeys. Perhaps it's like trying to navigate a city by sound, as somebody theorised to me earlier this week. There's a lot of sound in here, sometimes cheeky/playful, sometimes simply brooding. Some might use the old "this sounds like New York" line, but there's more to this album than just NYC, I reckon. Certainly each track could be a picturebook of memories, a sound-collage of truth, beauty and questions. And it certainly evokes memories - various snatches of sound throughout the album make me think of various older music, but only in a vague and dream-like way.

  • Jack Dangers - Varaciones Espectrales : Hearing this makes me wonder exactly what the difference is between a Jack Dangers release, and one by Meat Beat Manifesto ? I don't know. But I'm not sure I care, either. Half an hour / 7 more tracks of the kind of beat-madness that Jack's really good at.

  • Radio Birdman - essential (1974 - 1978) : This was playing while I was in the shop, and after Maura expressed her jealousy at me having Radio Birdman playing in the vicinity at the end of the month, I thought it was about time I got something by the band. Somewhere, I've got a New Christs album, at least. I figure that must mean something...

In Collectors Corner, I picked up a few things, too :

  • Hey Mook - crash into you : billed as "Triffids-esque country pop from Hobart" by the shop, I figured it was worth a go for $20, and yeah, they were right, it's very pleasant. Oddly enough (or perhaps not ?), some of the vocals on this album (especially on track 3, come along sweetness) make me think of the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

  • Willard Grant Conspiracy - Mojave : second hand, too. More countryish goodness from Massachusetts.

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