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mister zorn

I've been on a bit of a John Zorn kick, although there's a frightening amount of stuff out there for me to consider getting (or even just consider trying to listen to). I've had that Naked City one for a while, and picked up Filmworks VI last year because it wasn't the kind of thing you expect to see going secondhand. Missing Link has heaps of his stuff, and since a friend had suggested meeting up for coffee after work nearby, I figured I'd Just Go And Take A Quick Look, Honest.

Going by recommendations on, uh, a particular large and popular shopping website, I picked up the 15th anniversary re-release of The Big Gundown (his Morricone cover album, so to speak), which I suppose doesn't really help me get to know Zorn's work itself, but it sounded intriguing enough, especially given the rogue's gallery of contributors. They didn't have the first Masada release (and I couldn't remember which of the others I was meant to try out), but I did have a quick listen to Filmworks V (a heap of minute-long tracks, ranging far and wide), which I'll probably go back and buy when I work out what else I want / should get. I don't s'pose anybody can give me some useful advice, here ?

Also, the Jeremy Dower EP is out on Chapter Records, so I grabbed that, and managed to listen to it on the walk home from Malvern station. It's called Music for Retirement Villages, circa 2050, and it's exactly the kind of noodly electronica he did for us at the Grand Salvo album launch gig. There's no edge whatsoever on this CD (which is a good thing !) - it's great relaxing stuff, each track based around a particular motif that gets repeated under (or over) an array of little bleepy wooshy noises. The Chapter website also mentions a CD launch gig at the Empress this Sunday (26th) (with Letraset and Sister Cities) - acb, you might wanna try him out if you haven't yet - and an upcoming Essendon Airport re-release, which I'll be looking out for.

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