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world party

...so for some reason I found myself staring at an ad on SBS, post-Rockwiz, for Steely Dan's concert that's happening sometime in the next lifetime, when it pointed out that they're bringing World Party with them. If I wasn't allergic to stadium gigs I'd be keen to see what Karl Wallinger's up to - apparently he's had a fairly odd time over the last decade, both helped and hindered by the fact that some famous guy sung one of his songs (you know that feeling, when you're at a stadium gig with your S.O. and a whole football field full of people is singing along to a song and you want to tell them "hey, the guy who wrote that song? he did a pile of other great stuff too!" )...

More here.

(I've just moved house. If I haven't told you the new details yet, drop me an e-mail and remind me.)

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Hey Cos. Steely Dan eh? Which reminds me of yacht rock. Check it out if you haven't already...


> Posted by Rob at July 22, 2007 10:41 AM

i have seen it. i'd almost managed to erase it from my mind, too...

> Posted by cos at July 22, 2007 11:02 AM

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