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friendly northern neighbours, again

I must admit, I only got into King Curly around the end of last year when a very nice sydneysider sent me some to listen to, but I'm sold. Just in time, too, 'cause they've got a new album out on August the 5th called Doomsday Piano - there's two nice tracks up on the website, a video for the rather, uh, "hooty" I am coming back (in a revenge song) plus a launch gig at the East Brunswick Club on August 17th.

In other random gig news:

  • Laura are launching a single called i hope at the East Brunswick Club on the 12th of August.

  • Emma Heeney (y'know, from Gorgeous) is having her solo album launch tonight (wait, no - thursday night! sorry!) at the NSC and I can't make it, dammit!

  • The Dolly Rocker Movement launch their album Electric Sunshine (on Off The Hip) at The Tote on August 5th.

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