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photos from the drawing of sound

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I had a great time at the East Brunswick Club watching various artists merge guitars and effects all night, aiming for the right kind of hypnotism that comes from finding a good sequence and letting it resonate for a while, or maybe just going slightly berserk. Cam Butler did his Frippertronic-style layered guitar work, but this time with a 12-string acoustic (last time I saw him do this was a year or two back, when he was still electric, with a drummer), various members of Laura did their side-project thing (one of their bands, Retail Fireworks, are doing a free gig at the After Dark bar in Northcote tonight - Saturday 20th - which I might get myself down to). The Boats had a very energetic drummer. I'd definitely see any of the 6 bands again. Well done to Zac for organizing it!

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