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angels of light - we are him

Angels of Light - We Are Him

The Angels of Light have a new album out, which I'd been hearing plenty of good things about - so far I only had the enjoyable Everything is Good Here/Please Come Home (the stomping, sacrificial sound of All Souls' Rising, in particular, stays with you for a long time) but hadn't got around to picking up anything else, yet. He's been using Akron/Family as his backing band for a while, now (their album Meek Warrior's worth a look, too).

We Are Him opens with with another great throbbing track called Black River Song (which you can download for free the album's page at Young God Records) but things quieten down soon enough, leaving you with an album of...well...Folk music with a simmering rage? "when you open your mouth you're too stupid to scream," he sings in a slow, laconic manner, but after that you feel Promise of Water creep up on you - the drums are getting slightly louder, and the backing vocals kick in with an "ooooh ooooh" after each line he sings. Something's going on. Forces are gathering. Are you with us or against us? "You're a bad dream left behind." This album is full of wonderful noises, fabulous repetition. It stops and starts, one moment sounding like a laid-back folky dream song, the next moment it's armageddon.

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