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gold sound[sz]

Help the Zoo help elephants

Personal highlights of the audio/video stuff at Labrador:

  • Acid House Kings - Do What You Wanna Do : I can't listen to very many songs on repeat, but I think this is one of them. It's a perfect slice of happy-sounding retropop.

  • The Legends - He Knows The Sun : the mp3 isn't full-length, so watch the video instead. It seems to involve a guy in white clothes, kendo, water, and two girls throwing a beach ball to one another. Got that?

  • Radio Dept - Pulling Our Weight : watch the video for this one, too - it's a cartoon about a small white cloud getting hassled by mean black clouds. Or something. Nice Hook-style bass-line through the track, too.

  • Douglas Heart - Komplex : More rock than the stuff mentioned so far - there's a nice guitar riff through this rather dreamy track - I'm a bit disappointed I couldn't buy its EP from the shop...

So I've got some stuff on the way from the Acid House Kings, The Legends and the Radio Dept. I've still got some headway to make with Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - I've ordered their new(?) album too, so I can perform further research.

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