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i hear motion

Following on from various people's mention of Amit Singh's motion-sensor-driven Perturbed Desktop, it seems somebody at HP's been working on a handheld that you can wave around to "air-scratch" with, thanks to the very same sort of sensor. I wonder what this means for future air guitarists (or, indeed, any other insrument)? I reckon Laurie Anderson could come up with some kind of really cool piece with a few of these. As for laptops, I guess it won't be long before somebody writes a pinball game that'll let you bash the side of it...

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Sounds like the cellphone in Nathan Barley, which opens up to have two turntable-like controllers for scratching MP3s. They actually had mock ads for these phones on the tube before the series started.

> Posted by acb at March 6, 2005 2:42 AM

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