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So, now that I've crossed Merri Creek to The New Fitzroy, I've finally managed to plug in the old turntable and play Ripe's Filterfeed once more. I still can't decide which song I like more - the fun, semi-poppy Spacesuit 4 2 (complete with samples from 2001), Halfway Back's driving bassline and "I hear they have purple trees now", or Julie's dripping, indie lust? It's all too hard.

Another very pleasant thing I've discovered while ripping old CDs was Autohaze's cover of Gene Clark's Here Tonight, covered not so long ago by Dave Graney and Clare Moore on the local tribute You Can't Hide Your Love Forever. It's a bit rockier than Dave's laid-back version - you can finger-drum on the desk to it, f'rinstance.

iTunes sez I'm listening to She Must Be Spanish, by Autohaze.

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