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david toop / robin fox / essendon airport at the centre for contemporary photography

No photos this time - I asked permission and even signed a form they had in case I ended up getting some of the displayed artwork in any shots, but when Essendon Airport started up I was stuck way up the back (as I've mentioned previously I think, I'm too shy to push my way through a crowd for the sake of a few photos. But anyway, they were really good - Graham Lee's pedal steel added a nice extra dimension over some of the tracks we know and love. Robin Fox put on a great show with his glitch-oscilloscope visuals - one of the bits I liked the most seemed to look like a spinning armchair being slowly destroyed by falling rain. or something. David Toop finished up with a very quiet piece, working under cover of near-darkness (barely lit by his Powerbook) so it was a bit hard to see exactly what he was doing. A flute popped up at times, though given how quiet it all was it was as if it was merely a conduit for breathing sounds, with a few electronic tones burbling along in the background. It certainly seemed to tie in with his most recent(?) book, Haunted Weather and you wondered if he was attempting to recontextualize some of the background noise of people shuffling in chairs, passing traffic, and such - I'm not really sure. Certainly, it's an odd feeling listening to sounds like these when you're in a room full of people - normally it's all so personal.

* 22:59 * music