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if you don't get caught...

Via The Triffids website (where Graham Lee talks about last night's gig, too) it turns out there's a new video for Save What You Can, to go with the reissue of Calenture (and In The Pines) late next month.

I'm looking forward to these. I listened to Calenture so much while working at Monash in the late 90's that I named one of my workstations after it, but these days In The Pines is the one I'll usually put on first when I feel like listening to them. I'm interested to see how the track-reordering of the latter sounds, as hinted at a couple of months back. I didn't want to give away the surprise, then - maybe it was just as well, though I didn't expect to be linked to from there - maybe more people read this blog than I thought?

It may also be worth pointing out that if you want to hear what Essendon Airport sound like with Graham Lee's pedal steel, there's a track called Heaps that shows up on the Melbourne Water 2 compilation (that link'll stream a bit of it to you, even).

* 21:47 * music