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bringing the noise

I've been listening to fairly quiet stuff over the weekend - the new Radio Dept album Pet Grief had just arrived, for instance (from Labrador) - but if yer in the mood for some old-style rock 'n' rollTM, word's out that Johnny Casino's Easy Action have their second album out at Preston's finest music shop (and label), Off The Hip. The little bit I've heard from them (two tracks on a sampler CD) sound promising. There's also a Dom Mariani outtakes and rarities compilation out, which might bear some investigation - the 2CD Popsided Guitar best-of was certainly an eye-opener for a layabout like me who only had a vague idea/memory of his comings and goings. It's great stuff. I'm also curious about Mink Jaguar, who I think I missed seeing recently when they came down this way. Next time (so I keep telling myself. It's been ages since I made it to a gig).

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