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space travel, rock and roll

Dengue Fever - Escape From Dragon HouseSun Kil Moon - Tiny CitiesGrand Salvo - The Temporal WheelLee Ranaldo - Road Movies

  • There's a new Dengue Fever album out, called Escape from Dragon House, continuing the whole Cambodian popstress plus indie hipster thing very nicely. Go and try it out.

  • I also have Sun Kil Moon's Tiny Cities and Grand Salvo's The Temporal Wheel, which go very pleasantly together on a tired weekend afternoon.

  • I can't remember where I last saw Lee Ranaldo's Road Movies but I didn't buy it at the time; such things haunt you at odd moments until, finally, you're in a little music shop and it's there on the shelf. "I have you now, Ranaldo."

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