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four hours sleep album launch gig, east brunswick hotel, 2006-09-21

I managed to talk myself into popping down to this one 'cause I hadn't taken any live music photos in ages and I hadn't actually seen the album anywhere yet (figuring this'd be a good chance to get hold of it). Besides, when else was I going to get the chance to hear these songs done live?

IMG_5099 IMG_5067 IMG_5046 IMG_5038 IMG_5032 IMG_4976

A decade between releases for Bill McDonald's Four Hours Sleep project, involving numerous mates writing, singing and/or playing with him - Stephen Cummings, Angie Hart, Dan and Peter Luscombe, Charles Jenkins, Fi Claus, even Ollie Olsen sings a track. Two tracks are up at myspace, one of which popped up on a Stephen Cummings album a few years back - Angie Hart sings this version, though, which oughta win a few indie kids' hearts. Charles Jenkins puts in a killer track called I Love That Woman (providing ample proof of Bill and Stephen's ability to throw together a great pop song). The night went pretty well, even if it was a fairly small crowd (and one with a good proportion of other well-known local musicians, at that). I imagine it'd be a bit of a logistical nightmare to do too many live appearances which is a bit of a shame, but at least I made it to this one.

It's interesting to compare this to the recent GB3 release (which also has a star-studded cast), but I'm gonna cop out and beg for more time to form a decent opinion - I've only had this one for a few days. I imagine most people are going to ignore both of them in favour of flavour-of-the-month types like Black Cab, anyway. But here's hoping.

I'm off to a nerd conference up north for a few days. There may be photos or words depending on how the time goes (and the connectivity).

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