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ponderous processed pianos

Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto are coming to the Melbourne International Arts Festival to do Insen in about 2 weeks' time. And I only just noticed...I don't think Sakamoto's been here since 1996 (I didn't make it that time. grr.). Meanwhile, Hamish tells me Ryoji Ikeda is coming, too, for a production called Voyage. I'll be happy to make it to one of them, at least.

Meanwhile, Severed Heads' new release Under Gail Succubus is:

  1. quite enjoyable, recalling moments from, say, Cuisine (my first SevHeads purchase, back at the start of uni days, after which I devoured everything I could find by them) and such.
  2. Streamable (but, as usual, the real thing sounds better).

* 11:33 * music