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gb3! laura!

hallelujah! there's a new GB3 album out called emptiness is our business, and it's got input from grant mclennan, steve kilbey, stephen cummings (can you tell this is an album made for me?), angie hart, sarah blasko, philippa nihill, adalita, david chesworth, wayne connolly, gaslight radio, robert goodge, john kilbey, graham lee, sianna lee (who I'll admit to knowing nothing about) ... how's that for getting yer mates around to help out?

Google tells me that JB Hi Fi is doing an online-only deal that gives you a bonus signed copy of Circlework, so if you never found a copy of that, now's your chance - it's pretty good, IMHO.

I'm only just listening to it for the first time right now, but it's already got the stamp of approval from the wife (30 seconds into track 1), so that's a good sign.

Also, Laura's new album Radio Swan is Down is out and it's going down a treat, too.

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